Cedar Lake Trail

Description: This trail parallels the Burlington Northern tracks between downtown Minneapolis and Highway 100 in St. Louis Park. It gives excellent views of the northern shore of Cedar Lake. The Kenilworth Trail extension parallels the old C&NW tracks on the east side of Cedar Lake. The trail connects with the Hutchinson Spur Trail in St. Louis Park, which in turn connects with the Southwest LRT Trail. This makes for a 13-mile loop. Also, there is a spur along the west side of Cedar Lake that has been recently repaved (summer 2004) and is now a lot more skateable than the old trail was.

Getting there: The easiest place to park, and the meeting place for MISC events, is by Parade Stadium. Take Highway 394 east into downtown, and exit at the Dunwoody Boulevard exit. Turn right at the first stoplight and follow the access road back toward the Parade Ice Arena.

Other access points are available in downtown Minneapolis and at the junction with Highway 100, though there isn't any parking at those locations.

Length: About 3 1/2 miles between downtown and Highway 100. The Kenilworth Trail extension along the old C&NW tracks is about a mile long.

Other nearby trails: This connects to the trail on the west side of Cedar Lake, and it connects directly to the trail along Kenwood Parkway. On the west side, it turns into the Hutchinson Spur trail underneath Highway 100. At the south end of the Kenilworth trail, it connects to the Midtown Greenway and the Southwest LRT trail.